Urbanscape System Benefits

Complete solution

Urbanscape Green Roof System is provided with complete,
easy to install layers delivered directly to the customer.
Due to the use of new innovative Urbanscape Green Roll
Substrate, no special equipment is required for
installation and maintenance.


On average Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate is 8-10 times
lighter than other regular green roof substrates,
so Urbanscape Green Roof system can be installed also on lightweight
constructions where traditional systems are not possible.

Further on, the Urbanscape Green Roof System can
also be much thinner (even more decreasing the weight)
than traditional green roof system. Smaller thickness
of the system will not compromise the performance due
to the fact that Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate can hold up
to 3-4 times more water per its volume than other green roof
substrates. Therefore less thickness is needed to achieve the
same water absorption.

Efficient installation

Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate ensures significantly lower labour intensity.
For sufficient water absorption capacity and appropriate
growing base for vegetation of 1000 m² of green roof, 2-5 tons of
Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate are needed compared to above 100 tons of
traditional green roof substrates.

Sustainable Solution

Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate is made from various rock mixtures which are widely available in nature.
The lightweight open structure of substrate promotes extensive root distribution and plant growth.

High water absorption 

Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate provides for fast and long
term stable water re-absorption and water retention performance.
Depending on climate zones, different types
of Urbanscape Green Roll Substrates are used.

High water distribution             

Urbanscape system provides for an irrigation system and
the perfect water distribution between vegetation layer and the Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate.
It has the advantage to save water in relation to sprinklers that irrigate on top of the vegetation.

High thermal performance

Urbanscape system ensures a long lasting cooling effect due to the high water storage capacity.
Roofs with Urbanscape Green Roof System reduce heat gain compared to the
non-vegetated roofs due to the thermal mass, extra insulation, and evapotranspiration 
associated with the vegetative roofing systems.


High fire resistance

A1 Euroclass of non-combustibility is confirmed for Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate.
According to EN 13501-1, Class A1 products will not contribute in any stage of the fire including the fully developed fire.                                    


High acoustic performance

Urbanscape Green Roof System reduces noise pollution
through surface absorption and provides mitigation of unacceptable noise
level that affect health, safety and the well-being of the urban population.